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CBD and Nutrition - Feel healthier today!

The use of CBD goes hand-in-hand with nutrition and a balanced diet to ensure proper maintenance and prevention of diseases within the body. Proper nutrition in conjunction with exercise is the key to living healthy and feeling good. CBD can potentially help merge the two, making the process much more enjoyable and pain free. Hopefully by now you have read our Anti Inflammatory Diet Blog to help pick the right foods to eat! 

The addition of CBD into the mix of proper diet and exercise can potentially help one to not only sleep better and recover faster, living a more balanced lifestyle. The daily use of CBD can help you get more rest, allowing oneself to heal faster. So, a person taking CBD daily, can experience a state of equilibrium and remain in homeostasis in route to a more balanced life. Stressors will have less of an impact, enabling said CBD user to remain in a healthy state of zen, unbothered.

The use of CBD at night can help some sleep fully, and wake up feeling restored. Sleep and exercise go hand in hand as you are essentially breaking down your body to rebuild stronger.

With this, you can work out to your highest capacity, not letting simple aches and pains hold you back from getting your best exercise in. After you’ve kicked butt in the gym, you will want to get a proper sleep to recover your muscles, and CBD can help some do so as well. If your muscles are sore after exercise, using a CBD topical can help some to reduce soreness in the muscles and joints and help you get back on track to a proper recovery.

You may be wondering how all of this Cannabidiol stuff work inside the body? Well, there are receptors on the neurons, immune cells, nerves, GI tract, and even in the brain! These help the antioxidant, analgesic, anti-nausea and calming properties of CBD take effect! Our body openly welcomes CBD and by enabling the receptors to intake CBD, we can strengthen our immune system and regulate responses inside the body. Little stressors will affect users less, and you will be able to go about your day feeling optimistic about life. If it’s muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, nausea, or nerve damage that are holding you back from your workouts, there is a likelihood that CBD could help you feel better!

When taking CBD one should be aware that those taking blood thinners, antipsychotic medications, autism medications, blood pressure and cholesterol medication, as well as epilepsy and seizure medications, should first consult with a doctor so that you can properly manage your CBD dosage.

The Bottom Line: CBD is meant to be a part of our lifestyle, and it goes hand in hand with nutrition and exercise in managing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Feeling good is a choice, a regimen, and a way of life. It’s the little things we do that certainly add up to contribute in a big way to determine how we feel, and how healthy we are.

For daily maintenance, help with calming, pain relief and feeling better, try Inflamade® Restore. You can dose as needed for desired results. ¼ dropper (6mg) is great with coffee in the morning to add some mental clarity and focus to your day. This small dose can be used for stress and anxiety. For pain relief, some use ½ dropper (12mg) this can help you forget you were even in pain! For a great night's rest, some use 1 full dropper (25mg) you can sleep fully and wake up feeling refreshed after a solid sleep!

For achy joints and muscles, along with cramps and sore spots, try Inflamade® Deep Healing Creme. It works for some providing relief within minutes.Stopping stiffness and soreness in its tracks and has helped many people!

Make sure your achy body isn't holding you back from living the lifestyle you want, just apply where it hurts and find relief within minutes!

Please reach out with any specific questions, we would love to help you find the answer! info@inflamade.com 





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