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How do I know what CBD to pick? Pop Up CBD brands clear the way for companies doing it the right way.

With all the negative press on faulty CBD products out there lately, how can you be sure what brand to go with? It was recently brought to light that many of the companies out there today have products on shelves that actually contain THC, while many of them didn't contain any CBD at all (scary, right?) You want to make sure that the trusted CBD for your family and furry friends is being lab tested by a third party. We not only test for potency to ensure that each batch of Inflamade®  is THC Free, but we also ensure that each product has the proper amount of CBD in it as reads on the label. All Inflamade® products are tested at Cannasafe's award winning facility in Van Nuys, CA. 

This process is two fold, ensuring product integrity and also proper dosing. Our restore tonics are 750mg for several reasons, first because a medium dose of at least 20mg per day can work to cut down oxidative stress, potentially helping inside the body. Second, you are able to gauge the dose and take the right amount for what you are trying to achieve. 

Our 25mg / dropperful dose makes it easy to do so. You can take 1/2 a dropper to potentially help with pain management (12mg), 1/4 dropper to potentially help stress and calm you (6mg), or, for night time management you can try 1 -2 dropperfuls (25mg -50mg) for sleep. Many times just 25mg is necessary, but everyone is different. People are reporting much longer and deeper sleep with the help of Inflamade® Restore, enabling them to get off of prescription drugs such as Ambien. With a metered dropper you know how much CBD you are getting in each drop, ensuring the right amount for desired feeling. Remember, step one is making sure that the company is using proper CBD that has been lab tested. 

Additionally, you would probably want your CBD company to produce their own products, rather than white label someone else product. You can see on the marketplace a flood of common measurements like 500mg and 1000mg tonics, common cremes and gummy formulas that all look and sound the same... well you are right - they are the same. If your choice CBD company is producing their own products, you can see they are doing research and development to help the marketplace move forward, not just marketing someone else's product under a different label. 

Ask your provider to see lab tests, ask questions, and be informed when making decisions on what brand of CBD to purchase. 

What kinds of CBD should I take? See our article on the breakdown of the different types of CBD and their uses here. 

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George W. Booz



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