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Inflamade® sponsors its 2nd Los Angeles Abilities Expo! CBD for the Disability community.

The Inflamade team enjoyed it’s second Los Angeles Abilities Expo interacting with over 5,000 attendees on site over a busy weekend! Our free samples of pain relief cream were enjoyed by those in need, proving effective many times over!

The Abilities Expo travels across the country connecting the disability community with companies, products, and services, to help make life just a bit easier. It’s a 3 day event and was held in Downtown Los Angeles at the Convention Center Feb 21-23.

This is a great opportunity, we are happy to get out and help the abilities community to become a better place with our products. Its why we do what we do. We are so thankful for Julianne and all that she does to bring the community together and make the attendees’ life just a bit easier! We know that every bit of relief counts! We are putting smiles on faces and hope to make every day a better place to live in.” Said Phillip.

We have followed the abilities Expo all over the country and every time we see amazing reactions from peoples as they are, for the first time able to move in ways that they have it before or pain in certain areas has gone away from using our cream.

“We love meeting the abilities community because it helps us connect with people that can benefit from what we have. We hopefully can help them live a better way of life!” Said Phillip

Most people that try the cream, within a few minutes will feel some relief. It’s awesome seeing their faces light up! We have seen people with nerve damage, stiffness, swelling, pain, eczema, spasms and more find relief with in a few minutes.

We are happy to be a source of education and a cost effective entry point into CBD and natural relief.


For all Abilities and Special needs customers we have, we provide a continuous use 20% off discount code so that you can live pain free without breaking the bank. Many are concerned about failing drug tests or getting high, our products are made with 0% THC and are non psychoactive. They are WADA safe and even pet friendly in small doses. We have had everything from amputees with phantom pains find relief, people with plates and screws in their neck feel a bit better, people with terrible hand and joint stiffness move with less pain, people with nerve damage begin to move. Even those that suffer from seizures and spasms using our tonics find relief and thrilled to help some stop prescription medication for sleep and pain using CBD.

The Abilities expo continues to support and be a connecting factor for people from all over, reuniting each year at each expo while finding new and innovative ways to improve their life. The next event in New York is postponed until August, making the next upcoming event scheduled for June 12-14 in Chicago.

We look forward to the next expo and supporting the Abilities community even further!

Email us if you would like more info on CBD, of to see how it can help.

If you attended the expo or are a part of the disability community, email us here at info@inflamade.com to get your 20% off code! 

Until next time, enjoy these mini horses from the show!

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