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Wim Hof Breath Work and CBD - Mindfully improving the immune system by simply breathing!

In todays uncertain world there are only a few things that we can directly control. Our mindset is one, and what we put into our body is two. Third is the thoughts and oxygen we put into our body. By focusing in on just that, our breath, we can not only minimize stress and our bodies natural response to it, but we will be training and accessing the subconscious mind to deal with stresses more easily, to improve our immune system. By over oxygenating our hypothalamus and pituitary gland, we feel a natural high, getting an extreme sense of mental clarity, but more importantly knowing that we are boosting our mood and immune system at the same time. This, in combination with a routine of nightly or CBD in the morning will help you stay zen, and help your inflammation levels stay low so that you can naturally begin to heal. 

If our bodies are inflamed and stressed, our bodies immune response is weakened and we are more susceptible to becoming sick and staying sick for longer. We feel it in our joints, in our energy, in our mood. With just breath work alone, we can feel the opposite, we can fight off infection fast, and feel healthy, most importantly.

What we can control is how healthy you are and how your body will respond to infection and how quickly you can combat it and recover. These are things we do every day to make sure we are living as healthy as we can.

Breathing and mindfulness are two things we can practice daily that will go a long way. Dr Joe Dispenza talks about the compounding effects of continuous mediation. This helps with our fight or flight response, and helps to minimize stress over time. 

Health is an every day choice. It starts with a positive mindset and waking up with gratitude. An amazing meditation and breathing exercise that also raises the immune system is the Wim Hof breathing method. It is three sets of 30 deep breath’s followed by a long breath home in which some people can reach over three minutes! By over oxygenating your body, your pituitary gland, and your hypothalamus, you are hacking your bodies response to stress and increasing your immune responses. Studies have shown that this breathing method in fact does fight off viruses better than without it .

Check out this video talking about the Wim Hof Method and how it works for your immune system! 

Convinced yet?

Not only did he lead a group to climb Kilimanjaro wearing only shorts in under 48 hours, he now carries 20 Guinness World Records, including the farthest swim under ice and the longest ice bath (just under 2 hrs).

Working together with science

Recently, he has been collaborating with the scientific, academic world to provide proof for the benefits his method has on the human body.

As Wim Hof says, he hadn’t set out on this path to obtain any world records. 

For him, it’s not about about “proving something” or about external confirmation.


And it’s not even about “coping with the cold”. The cold is not a goal in itself.

It is a mirror for your health & inner power

For Wim Hof, his method is a way to take back our “inner power” and improve our health.

That’s where the real ‘gold’ is and is how Wim took his life back.

Using this method to heal yourself

People also use this method to heal themselves

There are scientific indicators that this method can help people to become healthier. (More about that in a minute.) That’s why people are actively using this method to find healing and relief for their specific conditions.

How is this possible?

Method similar to the ancient “tummo” technique

It’s not really surprising that people experience real change through this method. The benefits of “activating your fire” have been known for thousands of years.

Tummo is such an ancient (Tibetan Buddhist) meditation practice with that goal: to awaken your “inner fire”.

Nature as a teacher

Wim Hof never had formal Tummo training, but rather: he developed his method out of his own experiences with “cold, hard nature”.

Let’s have a look at the benefits that have been seen to occur:

Wim Hof Method Benefits

Boosted Energy Levels

Lower Stress Levels

Stronger Immune System and immune response

Improved Sleep 

Better workouts and faster recovery

Natural Mood Bost from released endorphins 

Better blood circulation 

Now, everyone can benefit from the Wim Hof breathing technique. 

CBD Benefits

Lower Stress Levels

Improved Sleep

Reduce Pain

Combined, the two can help you feel your best!

Here is a link to the guided 15 min Wim Hof breathing exercise! Find a comfortable place to lay down and get to breathing! 

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