Inflamade® Deep Healing CBD Cream 1000mg

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Product Overview

Inflamade® Deep Healing Cream was designed with all of your health needs in mind. Made with love and the best  hemp CBD. The perfect citrus scent great for anytime use. Apply throughout the day, before and after activity.

An athletes best friend and your sidekick to feeling better and moving better throughout the day.

Relax after hours and enjoy for an amazing CBD massage.

Completely clean and paraben free!! 

Inflamade Deep Healing Cream is best used for the following... 

Sore Muscles
Joint Discomfort
Stomach Pain
Menstrual Cramps
Cramping associated with Chrons
Nerve Damage
Phantom Pains (Amputees)

Eczema & Skin Discomfort
Doubles as a massage lotion leaving you refreshed and ready to go.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to cure or treat any disease.

A base of pure Hemp CBD along with relaxing and stimulating scents of citrus & vanilla help you heal and recover, at the same time getting you ready to take on anything.

An added dose of Pure CBD to act fast with the DMSO, getting to problem areas, fast. 

Use before & after activity - our fast acting, long lasting, therapeutic creme incorporates modern technology with ancient pain relieving concepts of plant medicine. 

✓ All Natural

✓ Paraben Free

✓ THC Free 

0% THC, 100% A Drug Test Safe Product.



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1000mg Pure CBD - our special ingredient. Helps to break up problem areas at the source allowing you to feel better!

Aloe Vera- to help calm the skin. 

Mineral Oil- a moisturizer to help consistency and an emollient, aiding in dry skin hydration.

Beeswax- helps treat Eczema in combination with CBD. Keeps skin moisturized and refreshed.

Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)- to decrease pain and muscle soreness, aiding with headache relief. Helps penetrate the skin.

Purified Water - to help with consistency and skin hydration.

Isopropyl Myristate- an emollient to help hydration and also helps to thicken our creme.

Cetyl Alcohol- an emulsifier, helping all our ingredients to not separate.

Glycerol Monosterate - an organic emulsifier helping to give our creme its nice whipped white texture.

Stearic Acid- a natural emulsifier also helping to make our creme thick.

Glycerine- a moisturizer helping to leave your skin with a nice smoothing effect. Helps keep the skin soft!

Propylene Glycol - helps to keep our creme stable in abnormal temperatures. Also aids in quick penetration of the skin.

Cetereth-20 - helps blend all of the ingredients. Also an emulsifier helping the consistency of our creme.

Carbomer- an emulsifier helping keep the creme stable.

Dimethicone- helps to heal wounds and locks in moisture, keeping your skin fresh.