Inflamade® Deep Healing CBD Cream 300mg

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Inflamade® Deep Healing Cream was designed with all of your health needs in mind.

Potentially helping your body with:

Sore Muscles
Joint Discomfort
Stomach Pain
Menstrual Cramps
Cramping associated with Chrons
Nerve Damage
Phantom Pains (Amputees)

Doubles as a massage lotion leaving you refreshed and ready to go.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to cure or treat any disease.

A base of pure Hemp CBD along with relaxing and stimulating scents of citrus & vanilla help you heal and recover, at the same time getting you ready to take on anything.

Use before & after activity - our fast acting, long lasting, therapeutic creme incorporates modern technology with ancient pain relieving concepts of plant medicine. Inflamade™ creme stimulates the body’s endorphin response to pain and reduces the pain in muscle tissue and joints.*

Working to help with pain and discomfort, enhancing the healing process.

0% THC, 100% A Drug Test Safe Product.

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300mg Pure CBD - our special ingredient. Helps to break up inflammation at the source allowing you to feel better!

Aloe Vera- to help calm the skin to reduce inflammation.

Mineral Oil- a moisturizer to help consistency and an emollient, aiding in dry skin hydration.

Beeswax- helps treat Eczema in combination with CBD. Keeps skin moisturized and refreshed.

Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)- to decrease pain and muscle soreness, aiding with headache relief. Helps penetrate the skin.

Purified Water - to help with consistency and skin hydration.

Isopropyl Myristate- an emollient to help hydration and also helps to thicken our creme.

Cetyl Alcohol- an emulsifier, helping all our ingredients to not separate.

Glycerol Monosterate - an organic emulsifier helping to give our creme its nice whipped white texture.

Stearic Acid- a natural emulsifier also helping to make our creme thick.

Glycerine- a moisturizer helping to leave your skin with a nice smoothing effect. Helps keep the skin soft!

Propylene Glycol - helps to keep our creme stable in abnormal temperatures. Also aids in quick penetration of the skin.

Cetereth-20 - helps blend all of the ingredients. Also an emulsifier helping the consistency of our creme.

Carbomer- an emulsifier helping keep the creme stable.

Disodium EDTA- works to catalyze metal ions which would cause a negative reaction including spoilage and rancidity.

Proplyparaben- prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and mold.

Dimethicone- helps to heal wounds and locks in moisture, keeping your skin fresh.

Petrolatum- helps to moisturize the skin.

Methylparaben - an anti fungal helping to keep the creme working until the jar is empty.

Triethanolamine- helps balance the pH of the creme, as well as making sure that it rubs in evenly over the skin.

Diazolidinyl Urea- an antimicrobial preventing bacterial growth. Making sure the creme is fresh until the jar is empty.

Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate helps the shelf life of the creme fighting off bacteria, yeast, and mold.