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Product Overview

Destress™ is offered in single serving capsules to conveniently help you calm down and focus. Our essential blend is great for mental stimulation as well as cognitive support. A blend of just the right amount of pure CBD for daytime functionality without the drowsiness, along with:

GABA for increasing functionality throughout the neurotransmitters*

Mucuna for anti inflammatory, neuroprotective, anti-oxidant, anti - microbial properties, and increasing L-Dopa*

Theobromine for lowering blood pressure, reducing bad cholesterol, improving blood flow*

L-Theanine for reducing stress, anxiety, and promoting relaxation*

Matcha Green Tea- for energy, focus, boost of alpha waves in the brain, heart health, immunity boost, mental clarity, calorie burn, and antioxidant properties, reducing inflammation, and detox.

Ashwagandha for reducing stress and anxiety, improving feelings of calmness and well being, improving strength and coordination, improving libido, relieving arthritis symptoms, boosting focus and concentration*

Magnesium for improving bone health, heart health, relieving anxiety, suppressing headaches and some symptoms of premenstrual syndrome*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Made with 100% all natural ingredients. THC Free. Vegan. Gluten Free. Lab Tested.


Working to help with pain and discomfort, enhancing the healing process.

0% THC, 100% A Drug Test Safe Product.

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