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Why you need one of the world’s first PARABEN FREE CBD Creams!

From the food we eat to the skincare we use, many of us are wisening up to what we both put in and on our bodies.

At Inflamade, we’ve made it our mission to use pure CBD, natural ingredients and be pesticide and solvent free to bring you a product which is health forward in every way. With this in mind, we took the creation of our Inflamade Deep Healing CBD Cream one step further to ensure that it was paraben free. And, we couldn’t be prouder to say that we are one of the world’s first paraben free CBD Cream’s on the market.

Read on to learn more about parabens, why you should avoid them, and how our Deep Healing CBD Cream can help you.

What are parabens?

“Parabens are derived from a chemical known as para-hydroxybenzoic acid (PHBA) that occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables, like blueberries and carrots.” - Kathryn St. John, the communications director at the American Chemistry Council.

These chemicals can be found in many topical products, cosmetics, and skincare and were originally added to increase the shelf life of products as well as stop and reduce any bacteria or mold growing within them.

These infamous chemicals can be identified through names like propylparaben, methylparaben, and butylparaben - and scream “nasty” whenever you see them on the ingredient list of products.

Why should you avoid parabens?


A 2004 study “detected traces of five parabens in the breast tumors of 19 out of 20 women studied.” As a result of these findings, it was evidenced that parabens can be absorbed through our skin and remain within our bodies, leading to further speculation about its potential impact in the formation of cancer.

In addition, other scientific studies suggest that parabens can impact hormones, fertility, reproductive organs, and have been shown to cause skin allergies and sensitivities.


Parabens don’t just impact humans negatively, but also the world in which we live in. Parabens have been detected in our oceans and in marine life, and low levels of butylparaben have also been shown to damage coral reefs.

Inflamade Deep Healing CBD Cream

It is for these reasons that we recommend choosing paraben free products wherever you can and it’s why we’ve ensured our cream is paraben free.

Awareness of what we put on our skin is extremely important and with our Inflamade Deep Healing CBD Cream, we guarantee that you’ll find absolutely no nasties.

Designed with all of your health needs in mind, it’s also made with the best Colorado hemp CBD along with stimulating scents of citrus & vanilla that help you heal and recover, at the same time as getting you ready to take on whatever the day throws at you..

Apply throughout the day, before and after activity. An athlete's best friend and your sidekick to feeling and moving great throughout the day. Good times ahead.

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